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Editorial Pet Peeves #2: Have You Finished Yet?

I receive a lot of manuscripts that the author tells me he or she’s finished with. This is usually a very loose translation of one or more of the following: 1. I’ve written around 75,000 words and that seems to … Continue reading

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Editorial Pet Peeves #1: The Double Space After the Period

One of the first acts I perform when I receive a manuscript electronically is to find-and-replace double spaces with single spaces. It takes only a few seconds and it removes all those unnecessary gaps between words that will only irritate … Continue reading

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Tell Me a Story (Part 1)

Having accentuated the negative in a previous post about submitting a manuscript to Lantern, I thought it might be advisable to give some idea to would-be authors of what a successful manuscript might look like in my particular eyes. First … Continue reading

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How (Not) to Submit a Manuscript

We’re sent a lot of manuscripts at my publishing house, Lantern Books; it’s one of the hazards of the profession. Well, that’s not fair: We depend on them to keep in business, so we welcome them all. However, much of the … Continue reading

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