The Complete Trumpiad

After four years of living through the administration of the forty-fifth President of the United States, and then another eighteen months of putting together all four volumes, and providing notes, dramatis personae, and coherent author’s notes, I’ve finally bound and printed The Complete Trumpiad, my effort to capture in verse the horror-comedy-tragedy show that was 2016 to 2021. You can read about the book, and plow through all 49 cantos, 1492 stanzas (plus a villanelle), and nearly 12,000 lines of verse here. I would say The Complete Trumpiad was a labor of love, but it was more an act of desperation, an effort to remain sane, a large literary pillow into which I could shout, or I could punch, when it all became too much.

The book isn’t for sale, and I’ve removed (or will be shortly removing) the individual volumes for sale. If you really want a printed copy, though, I’ll think of sending you one—while stocks last. How to do that can be found here.

About martinrowe

I am the executive director of the Culture & Animals Foundation, the co-founder of Lantern Publishing & Media, and the author, editor, and ghostwriter of several works of fiction and non-fiction. I live in Brooklyn, New York.
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