Preposterous Pomes and Dotty Ditties

preposterouspomessmallPreposterous Pomes and Dotty Ditties
with Tim Cramer
Bonkers Ballards, Loopy Lullabies and Silly Songs for Young and Old
CD-Baby, $10 (or 99c per song)

From the grumpy piscine with uncertain hygiene who goes by the name of the Dudgeon to the tearful ungulate called the Lachrymoose, in love with the haughty Lachrymorse; from the foul-smelling, history-shaping Fumiferous Niff to the ferociously quiffling Piffle; from the saga of the snide Sir Castic’s fight with the bilious, villainous Biting Riposte—Preposterous Pomes and Dotty Ditties: Bonkers Ballards, Loopy Lullabies and Silly Songs for Young and Old runs the gamut from “not very sensible,” through “ridiculous,” to “forehead-slappingly stupid,” with a stopover in “almost insultingly moronic.” And just when you think that my words couldn’t get any sillier, a galumphing herd of belches, blurts, bloops, and boiiiiings stampede into your eardrums courtesy of Tim Cramer’s vocal gymnastics and electronic wizardry. For anyone who craves groan-inducing puns, dollops of dippiness, and barrels of balderdash, Preposterous Pomes is just for you.

  1. The Whompom (listen)
  2. The Biting Riposte
  3. The Dudgeon (listen)
  4. The Balderdash
  5. The Bibble (featuring the voice of Carmen Gray)
  6. The Lachrymoose
  7. Tree Talk
  8. Never Quiffle a Piffle
  9. The Fumiferous Niff
  10. You Know What?

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