5: Void—Dark Matter (lyrics)

[Maathai]: “We are here temporarily, and we are a very minute part of the whole, and we make very little difference in the big picture. I see myself sometimes as a very insignificant microcosm that matters little in the world. But I also know that I am a microcosm. So although we are microcosms and we matter very little in the big scheme of things, we are also very important in our small microcosms.”

Hyacinth for sorrow. Papyrus for endurance.
Bamboo for she who bent yet would not break.

Accept these woven threads of dedication.
Purify this bone-house in the flame:
Flesh and skin, hair and teeth,
Recompose within the dark matter of soil.
Let cells divide, multiply, and bring forth life.

In emptiness is wisdom. In wisdom, emptiness.

Beyond our grasp is Darkness so dense it embraces all:
All wind, all water, all fire. All that was and is.
All that will ever be and never be.
Before us and after us. With and without us.

Coming and going. Leave no trace. Follow no path.
We rise. We walk.