The Way of Compassion

The Way of CompassionThe Way of Compassion
Vegetarianism, Environmentalism, Animal Advocacy, and Social Justice
256 pp, 6 x 9, 0966405609, $19.95 pbk original
New York: Stealth Technologies (1999)

In a world filled with what seems only bad news, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the extent of environmental degradation, violence to other species, and collective suffering. The problems seem so immense and so intractable that they often lead only to one despairing question: “What can I do?” The answer, as presented in The Way of Compassion is “a lot.” The Way of Compassion collects the inspiring, thoughtful and eminently practical wisdom of contemporary thinkers and activists from all walks of life, working to maintain sustainable lifestyles, practice nonviolence in all its forms and create a deeper spiritual appreciation of our place in the world. These pioneers offer timely, sensible and sometimes challenging advice on how we can all play our parts in creating a more harmonious and peaceful planet.

Contributors include: Carol J. Adams, Matt Ball, Rod Coronado, Roger and Deborah Fouts, Maneka Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Dick Gregory, James Hillman, Howard Lyman, Mia MacDonald, Jim Mason, John Robbins, Paul Shapiro, Henry Spira, among many others.

“This eloquent, forceful body of writings … forges vital links between vegetarianism, environmentalism and animal rights and the quest for social justice…. Anyone concerned about the state of the planet will relish drinking from this clear and bracing pool of wisdom.”—Publishers Weekly

“Sophisticated but not inaccessible, this … important and deeply engaging book belongs in all but the smallest libraries.”—Library Journal

“Sturdy and ethically provocative.”—Values and Visions

People who like ideas, philosophies, and a variety of views will enjoy this book cover to cover.”—Animals’ Agenda

“The reader who is serious about making major lifestyle changes will find value in [this book’s] plentiful advice and insight.”—NAPRA ReView