The Trumpiad: Book the First

When history books are written about 2017 and the year that preceded it (assuming that something called “writing” survives, some things called “books” remain, and any human settlements exist to recollect anything in the way of “history”), it may be possible to consider with a degree of equanimity the character of the forty-fifth president of the United States, the reasons for his election in November 2016, and what either tell us about the people who voted for him or those who thought it unimportant to vote at all.

Until then, however, there is The Trumpiad: Book the First. Written in the style and verse-form of Don Juan by Lord Byron, this epic poem in twelve cantos is a cri de coeur, a pungent satire, and a richly allusive Jeremiad on the times we live in, as well as a throwback to the mock-heroic epics of Alexander Pope’s Dunciad and Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso.

At once high-flown and bawdy, and a faithful recollection of the anxieties and pantomimic absurdities of 2017, The Trumpiad: Book the First is not only a unique collectible but an entirely charitable endeavor. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be divided between Vine, a farmed animal sanctuary in Vermont that works at the intersection of animal liberation, LGBTQ rights, anti-racism, and issues relating to disability, and New Alternatives, an organization that offers services for homeless queer youth in New York City.

What the Critics Say
“Saucy.”—Marquis de Sade
“A nattering nabobbery of negativity.”—Spiro T. Agnew
“I cannot recommend this work [highly enough—ed].”—Lord Byron
“The expense of spirit in a waste of shame, is Rowe in action.”—William Shakespeare
“Once I picked up this book, I couldn’t wait to put it down.”—Jane Austen
“An immoral, tasteless, and disgusting work. I loved it.”—P. G. Wodehouse