The Bugs in the Compost

The Bugs in the CompostThe Bugs in the Compost
An Incubation
9781590563908, $4.99 e-book
Lantern Books, {bio}graphies
September 2013

Part of Lantern’s {bio}graphies series, which explores the relationship between human and nonhuman animals through diverse lenses. 

The Bugs in the Compost
 examines explore the microcosmos of my back yard and the compost in which animate life is allowed to spawn and matter to break down. I dig into the paradoxes of protecting my house (and tenants) from bugs and pests, and at the lives I take (and those I create) in the process. I also investigate the psychopathology surrounding insects, particularly as expressed through the thoughts of the late archetypal psychologist James Hillman. I ask the question: How might an animal activist approach the rights of insects, given how deeply they’re associated in the human consciousness with death, disease, metamorphosis, and plurality (as opposed to the static singleness of the individual rightsholder)?