Until 2022, I spent my entire working life in the book trade. I’ve worked in bookshops, as a  research assistant for a biographer, and as a writer of copy for direct-mail catalogues for a distributor of small presses. I’ve been a publicist, editor, and finally a publisher myself—with over 250 titles to my credit over 22 years. I’ve also written novels, short stories, plays, essays, nonsense poems, and non-fiction works. I’ve ghostwritten five memoirs, and even edited a magazine for five years.

As you might imagine, I have lots of ideas about the arts of writing and editing, and the business/cultural act of book publishing. I’m by no means perfect: I’ve made lots of mistakes and stupid decisions in all facets of my work. But I get asked many questions about writing, editing, and publishing and this blog is my way of sharing my responses with you—so you’ll be less inclined to make my mistakes your own.